Monday, January 21, 2013

Excerpt from Soul Cries: Treasure

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Matthew 25:14-18 (Contemporary English Version)

The kingdom is also like what happened when a man went away and put his three servants in charge of all he owned. The man knew what each servant could do. So he handed five thousand coins to the first servant, two thousand to the second, and one thousand to the third. Then he left the country. As soon as the man had gone, the servant with the five thousand coins used them to earn five thousand more. The servant who had two thousand coins did the same with his money and earned two thousand more. But the servant with one thousand coins dug a hole and hid his master's money in the ground.

Consider this. You are entrusted with a treasure of great value. The treasure belongs to the King, and He has left it in your keeping for this season. The treasure is a person. You are married to the King’s own son or daughter. Your child is a prince of God, a princess of the highest Kingdom. As the parable above teaches, when the King leaves a treasure in our keeping, He wants to see it increase. He wants to see abundance bubbling over and bursting through.

Pray about this today. How have you invested in the treasures in your life? Has each person entrusted to you increased in your keeping? Have you spoken life, identity, courage, faith, and purpose into their lives? Are they more alive in Spirit glory than they were before they were entrusted to you, or have they become smaller, buried, and more closed and silent? The Kingdom is always about increase, advance, and abundance. There is no poverty or  smallness there. Let’s make sure that the people we are entrusted with are increasing in  glory-goodness, identity, and life while they are in our keeping.

1. Who has been entrusted to your care? Is this person stuck in smallness right now?

2. How can you breathe increase and life over them?