Monday, April 20, 2015

Nerf Birthday Party: 9 Year Old

When my son told me he wanted a nerf birthday party, I immediately began thinking of games and targets we could assemble around the house and yard to make it fun.  He then told me that he didn't want any of that... he just wanted to play nerf wars with his friends... no gimmicks!  OK.  But he also let me know that he wants the birthday to feel special and fun.  My assignment... to make a nerf party that was fun but not gimmicky!

I ended up ordering safety glasses for the shooters in a variety of colors.  I also printed out "target" symbols on colored paper stock, cut out the targets and arranged them on the gift bags and table.  The gift bags also included a bundle of "ammo" and "gunpowder (Pixi Stix candy)".

Then I bought some yellow streamers and put them around the house like Caution police tape.

We had an array of guns and ammo, and the kids also brought their own favorite nerf guns as well. The cake had 9 nerf bullets arranged like candles (I put a toothpick in the cake and then put the bullet on top of the toothpick so it would stand).

Such great kids and a great party!  It felt just "grown up" enough but still fun, festive, and ... just a little bit crazy.