Saturday, November 23, 2013

"Close your eyes Mom!": Talking to my Son in the Autistic Spectrum

My son Joshua is 7 years old.  He has been diagnosed in the autistic spectrum.  When he is having a particularly rough day, he may prefer to avoid seeing people's faces or eyes.  He also has a hard time handling adrenaline or strong emotions, even if they are coming from another person rather than from inside of him.  

That is why, there are times when he wants to tell someone something, but he doesn't want to do it face to face, eye to eye, and emotion to emotion.  

I know we all do that sometimes.  Maybe we prefer to email a difficult topic to someone, just for a little personal distance.  Maybe your child likes to tell you things when you are not looking at each other, like when you are driving the car and he/she is sitting in the back.  It tones down the emotional intensity you are having to process from the other person. 

Sometimes, my son will ask me to come under the covers with him so it is dark and we can't see each other.  Then he will tell me what is on his mind.  Or laying in the dark as he is falling asleep...he may say, "Mom..." and talk about something that feels emotionally intense to him.  I have to remember to be very "matter-of-fact" when he tells me something like that.  Whatever it is, he is feeling overwhelmed by the emotion of it already, without my response adding to it.  

How do your kids talk to you?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Homemade Lip Balm: A Must Try!

This summer, I tried the recipe I found hereHomemade Natural Lip Balm at

And today...I just used the left over I had from that first batch, remelted it, and refilled my containers (12 tubes).

This is a must for the winter and year round.  I used to buy other natural lip balms, but they were about $3 for one stick and rarely went on sale.  Once you invest in the ingredients, these balms will last a long time and are easy to refill.  And, they can be made in different scents and are great for gifts!

I got the beeswax pellets through Amazon and also ordered these tall slender tubes while I was at it.  I already had coconut oil in the house, and did use Vitamin E but found it hard to squeeze into the batch.  I used some oils I had in the house like peppermint.  Although I did invest in the decorative tapes, the trick was to be able to make them stick with all the oil and balm on my hands!  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Whispers: Jeremiah 29:13

Excerpt from Soul Cries devotional 
copyright Regan 2012
*2013 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist*

Jeremiah 29:13 (New International Version)

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

When I want to speak to someone who is quite a distance across the room or down the street, I shout loudly! But when I want to speak intimately with someone, I whisper. When I’m in a knowing relationship with someone, I want to talk up close and speak about dear things. Whispering is the sound of intimacy. Sometimes I feel that the more God wants closeness with me, the more He whispers. I must come close to hear His intimate thoughts. There is no shouting because God wants no distance. We have a God who wants to be found and known, not from a distance, but close up. He wants me close so that He can speak in whispers and share His heart with me.

We seek you, God, with all our hearts. We lay at your feet. We seek to fully know and experience all of you—all of your facets and attributes. We want to know your provision, healing, safety, breakthrough, courage, peace, anointing, rest, knowledge, wisdom, blessing, and favor. We seek you. We pray that ALL of you will cover all of us!

1. Do you believe and understand the depth of God’s desire to be near you? Pray that God will reveal to you how much He desires and loves you.

2. How can you seek God and come closer so you can hear His whispers? In what practical ways can you foster a more intimate, connected, and knowing relationship with the Father?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hot Mocha in a Pinch!

I love coffee shops!  I have always loved the smell of coffee, even before I liked the taste of it.  If I am going to escape somewhere to relax, I will drive to a local coffee shop.  While I'm there, I will likely order a latte or mocha.  That is my treat!

The other day, I couldn't get away to hideout with a special drink.  I was at work!  But I did find some coffee and a box of instant hot chocolate (salted caramel flavor).  I mixed it together, and Voila!  A hot Caramel Mocha in a pinch.  Yum...  What treats do you like in a pinch?