Saturday, November 16, 2013

Homemade Lip Balm: A Must Try!

This summer, I tried the recipe I found hereHomemade Natural Lip Balm at

And today...I just used the left over I had from that first batch, remelted it, and refilled my containers (12 tubes).

This is a must for the winter and year round.  I used to buy other natural lip balms, but they were about $3 for one stick and rarely went on sale.  Once you invest in the ingredients, these balms will last a long time and are easy to refill.  And, they can be made in different scents and are great for gifts!

I got the beeswax pellets through Amazon and also ordered these tall slender tubes while I was at it.  I already had coconut oil in the house, and did use Vitamin E but found it hard to squeeze into the batch.  I used some oils I had in the house like peppermint.  Although I did invest in the decorative tapes, the trick was to be able to make them stick with all the oil and balm on my hands!