Saturday, January 19, 2013

Book Review: Children with High Functioning Autism

Children with High Functioning Autism ( )

There are so many very good books to choose from on autism and parenting.  I certainly have not read them all, but this is a book I very much liked and could relate to.  It is written by Claire E. Hughes-Lynch who has a PhD in special education and in giftedness.  I loved the combination of her knowledge in both areas, because they both apply to the autistic spectrum.  Many people do not realize that the rate of autistic spectrum is notable in the gifted population.  I remember a teacher looking at a student having a melt down at my son's previous school.  She looked at me and said, "I don't know what's wrong with him!  It's not like he's stupid!"  No, he wasn't "stupid," he was bright, artistic, and autistic (undiagnosed).  He wasn't getting the services he needed and the teachers (private school) had no idea what a sensory symptoms was or how to detect red flags for autism.

I related so much to what Dr. Hughes-Lynch said in her book.  There were some things of course that I have a different opinion about, but she is very open about saying that the approach they took may not be the best for everyone.  I remember her saying she would often sit in the car with her kids (two: a girl with autism and a son with multiple autistic features) and try to decide whether she dared try to take them into a store that day.  I have been there and have many stories of my own like that!  Do I dare... What can he tolerate today... What kind of a day has it been? If I'm a good mother, what will I focus on, pursue, and run after---what will I let go? 

What books have you appreciated on autism and parenting?