Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cozy Mysteries

What's on your bookshelf?  I love to read, particularly mysteries and historical fiction/adventures.  My favorite mystery genre is called "cozy mysteries."  I am always amazed at how a mystery can include murder, deceit, treachery and recipes all in one book!  But it can.  That is why they are called "cozy"... you know, not too bloody or terrifying, just cozy with some crafts, light hearted humor, and  fun characters.

I recently found a blog that specializes in this topic.  You may like it too!

The Cozy Mystery List Blog

It organizes cozy mysteries by theme, author, new releases, and special topics.  Looking for a new author, and you just might find a lead at this blog!

Below are some of my recent reads:

I guess my taste buds have been working over time with the coffee, tea, and food themes!

What have you been reading lately?