Thursday, January 10, 2013

Celebrate to Honor God

When I was praying last night, I prayed through these verses.  I love this translation where it says "So tell the soil to celebrate..."  That makes me smile. These verses say that we celebrate "in honor of the Lord our God!"  When we celebrate and "stop being afraid,"  we honor God.   We celebrate in faith, because God says that good is coming, green is coming, fruit is coming, grain is coming, wine and oil will overflow.  We honor God, we celebrate his goodness, and even the soil and wild animals rejoice and are at peace.

Joel 2:21-24 (Contemporary English Version)
So tell the soil to celebrate and wild animals to stop being afraid. Grasslands are green again; fruit trees and fig trees are loaded with fruit. Grapevines are covered with grapes. People of Zion, celebrate in honor of the LORD your God! He is generous and has sent the autumn and spring rains in the proper seasons. Grain will cover your threshing places; jars will overflow with wine and olive oil.