Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Middle TV Series

I work in a hospital setting, and sometimes when I come home, I just want to watch something funny and silly.  This show fits the bill.  The show is named The Middle because it depicts a family living in the "middle" of the USA.  Everything about them is middle of the road--no perfect people, no high achievement, no first place.

The comedy just feels so real, and the jokes and situations make me laugh.  The kids each have different personalities.  Axl is the oldest boy, this year a senior in high school.  He is the unmotivated, sarcastic jock in the family, great at football but antagonizes his sibs.  Sue is the middle child.  She is bubbly and full of great spirit, even though she never makes any team or club she tries out for, and other people forget even meeting her.  Brick is the quirky youngest of the family who participates in social skills groups and loves to read books.

I honestly didn't care for the third season, but loved the first two and now am enjoying season 4, well underway.  Season three seemed more dark and less light hearted.  The other seasons seemed to balance bickering with family, problems with progress, and poverty with richness of spirit.

Enjoy this clip where Sue is celebrating her birthday during a road trip to Brick's spelling bee.  She is so enthusiastic about everything, she can't wait to see "the world's largest tree stump."

The Middle video link