Monday, March 18, 2013

Lord of the Rings Birthday Party--7 year old

My son is in love with Lord of the Rings, mostly through his exposure to the LEGO characters and the LEGO video game.  He just turned 7 and requested a Lord of the Rings theme for his party.  My challenge--to figure out how to make much of the decorations and theme from scratch, as it is difficult to find LOTR party products at the store.

This is the invitation I came up with.  It is 3 pages (only two pages shown here).  I used paper that looked somewhat aged, created the graphics with Microsoft Publisher, used a 3-hold punch on the left side and tied the pages together with twine to make it look rustic.  The third page says "Then come join our Fellowship of Celebration and Feasting." Then I listed the specific location for the party etc.  We encourage the boys to bring "a sword, bow and arrow, or a weapon of your choice in case there are trolls, ogres or giants."

I bought green and yellow table decorations (tablecloth, cups etc) to go along with the earth theme.  I ordered a map of middle earth and put it underneath the tablecloth for a center piece type of decoration (the tablecloth was see through). I sprinkled gold stars on the table.

My husband was able to borrow large trees from work, so we had 5 trees in one room decorated with white lights.  This again was for the Middle Earth theme, adventures through the trees, and festive atmosphere.

The boys had nerf swords and ran through the house role playing the characters.  I ordered a Lord of the Rings Cake Topper from Amazon.  I didn't realize that the hobbit house was a cardboard cutout, but it worked out well all the same.  It comes with 3 Hobbit characters that can then of course be kept and played with. 

I also ordered some Hobbit party rings and some stickers.  My son decorated small blue and green paper party bags by drawing the Lord of the Rings characters on them.  We put small lego packages in them, candy, stickers and Hobbit rings for the guests. 

It really turned out fun!  The boys enjoyed it and so did we.