Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cozy Places for Kids to Rest

My 6 year old son is in the autistic spectrum.  When he is stressed, overloaded, or exhausted, he may hide under tables.  Lately he has been spending hours with his whole body covered under a blanket, playing minecraft on our ipad.  

When I can see he is stressed, I know I need to provide a place for him to feel calm, cozy, and centered.  We used to have a small tent we set up in the basement, although that has been broken for a while. 

I found some nice looking pictures of resting places that I may want to imitate.  This first one uses an old baby mattress and a draped tent to make a nook.

This is a tent theme as well, with some type of frame for support and some comfy pillows.
I have seen this type of set-up as well, with a resting place under a table.  Then pillows or a small mattress can be put under there with flashlights, books, etc.

We all need a comfortable place to rest and regroup, don't we?  These look so inviting.