Sunday, March 24, 2013

JibJab: Video ECards with a Personal Touch and more

My husband recently had a birthday and my parents sent him a JibJab e-card.  I have to say, I laughed out loud!  Completely hysterical.  I remember that they sent a Christmas ecard and I loved it as well--I need to start using this site. 

What is it?  Well you go to and see an array of ecards with face cut-outs.  Then you use digital face photos from your own library to insert into the ecard which then dances to music or tells a story.

So, go onto your computer and pick out some good face shots of friends, family, or yourselves and check it out.  You might make a video card that looks like this:

 JibJab snow race card

Also at the site, jibjab is announcing their new children's site called StoryBots It looks like a site built for fun and education in which you put your child's photo into the applications so they see themselves while playing the game or learning new information. 

They also advertise apps--They have a behavior game where kids earn points during the day and can loose points according to behavioral goals.

Another app is one that captures kids quotes with their photos in a cute display for messaging others.  Here's an example-- 

Many of the features seem fun.  I am going to check them out!