Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Website Review: An Organic Wife

If you are someone who likes to learn new recipes for healthy living, you might want to check out a website called An Organic WifeThe website includes recipes but also resources for healthy living.  Topics covered include farm co-ops and canning. 

The author of the website is Cristina, a 26 years old woman who has dramatically changed her lifestyle in two years.  She writes: "...up until about two years ago, I was eating whatever I wanted. I thought I was a good wife by making my husband dinner every night. At least we weren't eating too much fast food! We ate meals from a box, frozen chicken from factory farms, and Pillsbury biscuits out of a can were one of our favorites.  I didn't know at all that what I was buying from the grocery store could be harmful. Then I saw the movie Food, Inc. which opened my eyes to the food system in America and factory farms. From then on I spent hours upon hours doing all the research I could about the real story behind what we eat.  Two years later, we are now about 95% organic. All of our meat and dairy is locally sourced from grass-fed farms. I make everything from scratch, using no additives, artificial preservatives, or colors."

I have just recently discovered her website and have used a few recipes I like.  I think I will continue to explore her ideas.  How about you?