Friday, February 15, 2013

Food Network Reality Shows

When I was pregnant with my son, I started watching Food Network. I don't know why, because the irony was I was so sick for so long, I couldn't stand the sight or smell of regular food for quite a while.  But TV food-- I guess that was a different matter. 

We have continued to enjoy certain shows on Food Network, including some of the reality cooking shows.  This year I have enjoyed Cupcake Wars.
 My favorite part is the beginning, when contestants have to use specific ingredients in a cupcake of their own invention that fits with a certain theme.  The ingredients can range from yummy chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon, to less yummy alternatives, like fish.  I guess I enjoy the creative competition!

Another of my favorites is Worst Cooks in America.  Two chefs pick teams of people who audition for the show.  Each person has a reputation among family and friends for being a bad cook.  Each chef tries to turn one of their contestants into a winning chef in front of Food Network judges. Season 4 starts this Sunday evening.

Bon Appetite and happy viewing...