Saturday, February 9, 2013

Inspirational People: Jason McElwain

I love to collect, remember, and share inspirational stories.  Remember this one?  Jason McElwain, a senior with high functioning autism at Greece Athena high school was part of the basketball team-- not as a player, but as a manager.  On February 15, 2006, Greece Athena was playing Spencerport High School for a division title. Greece Athena had such a commanding lead, that the coach decided to let McElwain play in the last four minutes. After initially missing two shots, McElwain made six three-point shots and one two-pointer. After the final buzzer rang, the crowd dashed onto the court in celebration.

Enjoy the Video viewed by millions on YouTube.  It is a testament, not only to Jason, but also to the culture of honor cultivated by the coach, players, and school body.