Friday, February 8, 2013

Synesthesia: Your Name Tastes Purple

Synesthesia is present when an individual experiences one sensation as connected with other sensations, a somewhat mixing of the senses.  A man with synesthesia may say "There aren't enough points on the chicken" when eating dinner.  This man explains that he tastes shapes. Another synesthete may explain that when she hears music, each note is associated with a specific color. 

Letters and words may also be described as associated with a particular color. 
Recently, the synesthete and pastery chef Taria Camerino was a contestant (and winner) on Food Network's show Sweet Genius.  She seemed to have an advantage with combining flavors although a disadvantage with visual presentation of her food.  You see, she explained "I'm not a visual person."  Taria tastes color, but then when visually organizing her food, she had a hard time capturing the given theme because she didn't see things the same way as the judge and other contestants.

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The Man Who Tasted Shapes