Friday, February 1, 2013

Live and Proclaim

Excerpt from Soul Cries, copyright Theresa Regan 2012

Psalm 118:17 (New International Version)
I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.

I will not die. I will live and proclaim. The psalmist is most likely speaking of physical death here. When I pray through this psalm, however, I am struck by how this verse speaks to the issue of living or dying within the heart. I have at times felt stuck in my struggle or grieving. At particular times, I have felt dead inside, empty and hollow. Sometimes we have to choose whether to be dead and hollow inside or whether to live, grow, and feel. Choosing can be difficult and monumental at times.

I choose to live in my heart and spirit and to be present and alive, fully feeling. I choose to live in awareness of what is and what is not yet, to feel the tension of living in a world unfixed and undone. I choose to proclaim what the Lord has done, and to speak of God’s victories and declare His goodness in the land of the living, even when I am tempted to shut down or turn off my spirit. I choose to live, breathe, feel, and proclaim.

1. Although a person is physically alive, how may he or she choose death in other areas? Have you ever had to choose to live?

2. In what ways can you proclaim goodness during difficult times? Have you ever had to choose between silence and speaking about God’s goodness? How has proclaiming His goodness impacted your spirit and the atmosphere around you?