Monday, April 1, 2013

Stuff You Missed In History Class: Review of Show

I have always been a music lover, and typically when I am grocery shopping, cooking, or driving in the car, I like to listen to music.  No talk radio for me. 

However, lately I have been listening to podcasts from  They have several different types of shows and podcasts, and I can't wait to check out the different topics. 

But for now, I am hooked on the show called "Stuff You Missed in History Class."  A few days ago, I listened to the episode about the Voynich Manuscript.  It is a document described as "a mysterious, undeciphered manuscript dating to the 15th or 16th century."
Many of the shows on this history podcast include some type of mystery or some unearthed information about historical events that not everyone may know.  This document has words on it that look like a language, but linguists feel that there are specific things about it that don't act like a language.  Others feel it is a type of cypher or code, but the code breakers have been unable to crack the code either.  Another theory is that it is a hoax of some kind.  It has tested out as a very old document, but the language itself may have been made up jibberish for whatever reason. 

There are many other good podcasts for this show on the site including one on Johnny Appleseed, a New England witch trial, and the invention of the sewing machine.  They are each about 30-45 minutes long and make for good listening while grocery shopping!

You might want to check out the How Stuff Works app.  That is how I do all of my listening to the show. 

What is your favorite historical time?  Did you learn about it in history class?