Thursday, April 4, 2013

God's Leadership and Right Order: Isaiah 9:7

My prayer for you today is that you will experience your life coming into alignment with God's Kingdom plans and purpose for you. You will not feel off-track, chaotic, or confused. The right order of God's Kingdom will shine from your life as you live out His goodness. I pray that you will see confusion leave your household as you cling to God and His goodness. May you know God's purpose for you and see it fulfilled, day after day, gift after gift, glory to glory.

Pray with me today...

Isaiah 9:7 (The Voice)
His leadership will bring such prosperity as you’ve never seen before—sustainable peace for all time. This child: God’s promise to David—a throne forever, among us, to restore sound leadership that cannot be perverted or shaken.  He will ensure justice without fail and absolute equity. Always. The intense passion of the Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, will carry this to completion.