Sunday, April 7, 2013

Family Puzzle Projects

When I was in graduate school, my roommate and I were so busy that we felt like we were always coming and going to a class, job, or meeting.  At one point, we started putting crossword puzzles out on the main table.  We would try to fill in a few items as we were "coming and going."  It was simple, and fun, and we connected a bit even when we weren't in the same place. 

One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving celebrations at my house growing up is time with a big jigsaw puzzle spread out on a table in the family room.  Again, people were coming and going, cooking and cleaning, watching football, visiting...and in the midst, there was this core activity that we all worked on in between and during our other connecting.  By the time the Thanksgiving weekend was over...the puzzle was complete!

And last but not least...the LEGO assembly! When you have an avid LEGO enthusiast in your house, you spend a lot of time hunching over piles of LEGO pieces trying to put together complex structures for a birthday present, Christmas, and what not...

After our recent birthday party for Joshua, we had a few weeks of illness and busyness.  I find that we have a 7 year old asking when we can help him put together the LEGOs he received for his birthday.  I have an idea!  I am going to put them out on the table with the instruction booklets.  Then we can assemble as we come and go, everyone contributing, as we see it taking form.  We don't have to wait until we have 3 hours!  We can use our "in between time" to create something wonderful...together.