Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pinterest Projects that Failed

I'm a great Pinterest fan, but I often pin things to try later...and then never actually put aside time to complete the project.  I do get a laugh at the sites like Pinterest Fail.com because they highlight some of the projects they have tried that don't quite work out.  I guess we can't all be Martha Stewart, and we don't all have time to craft, design, and build.  Oh well.

Check out some of these Pinterest fail photos from the web:

 It sure is hard to capture love and peace when 3 sibs get together for a photo!
I haven't tried this one, but I have seen it on Pinterest.  I guess it is harder to
pull off than you might think!

And one more photo op.  I saw this pumpkin photo idea on Pinterest too and
wondered how they got their baby to look so peaceful and cute! This baby sure didn't like it!

I love it when I realize we are all human...not just me!