Saturday, April 6, 2013

Speaking Life Into Your Child's Life

Recently, my son asked me what I like about him.  What a great opportunity to list his strengths and the ways he blesses me.  I began...I like how you joke with me.  I like how you play and make friends.  Then, I began writing a list.  I chose a large blank paper and wrote a list of how I see Joshua.

Joshua is brave. 

Joshua is a good friend.

Joshua is funny. 

Joshua is loved.

Joshua is a good listener.


I continued to fill the page with about 30 sentences.  Then I taped the large paper on the wall at the head of his bed.  Joshua is practicing his reading these days.  So, before we turn out the light, I say...why don't you read 3 from the list out loud.  And he does. 

Then Joshua hears himself saying "Joshua is loved.  Joshua is a good friend."  He knows I speak honor over his life and call out his gifts.  He knows he is important, loved, valued.  He gains confidence in his ability to be brave and a good friend and a good listener.  Life spoken into his life.

How do you speak life into your children?