Friday, May 31, 2013

Star Wars Bedroom: 7 Year Old Boy

I had been feeling a little overwhelmed about the need to redo my son's bedroom.  He still had an alphabet theme, and here he is 7 years old!  So I started to think about how to redo the room without having to paint and take on a large project.   It ended up being something I did a little at a time, and found it also wasn't that expensive.  When talking about themes, he chose +StarWars.

I purchased these Star Wars wall decals at  The decals includes several figures of varying sizes, as well as symbols and ships.  The decals stick right on walls or smooth surfaces; our walls have some texture but so far they have stayed on well.

His toddler room had red circles up already (see left), and I left those on the wall for the Star Wars/ planet theme.  These red circles are actually cork board circles that are painted red.  I ended up putting some of the decals right on the cork board. 
I purchased blue (dark and light) vinyl circle decals  at Amazon to continue the planetary theme on another wall.  The Death Star is among some other spaceships featured in this scene.

Continuing on the circle/planet theme, I also purchased chalkboard and whiteboard circles, again from Amazon.

These are a fun addition for notes and messages.  I put some here on his book caddy, as well as on his front door and on the top of his dresser.

Although I looked into getting a Star Wars comforter and pillow set, they were expensive.  I ended up going with a dark blue comforter.  We also had a space themed pillow case that Nana made that fits the decor perfectly.
I'm glad I expanded the theme to be a space and circle them with many Star Wars elements.  I also put many of his Star Wars toys, +LEGOs, and memorabilia on his shelves for effect as well.  I'm sure he will enjoy it for years to come!