Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Retro Gal: Things I Used That Make My Son Say "Huh?"

I have had a few strange "retro" experiences lately.  First, because of the availability of streaming for some older TV series, I was watching old spy TV shows from the 80's recently.  These are ones I watched in high school that seemed very cutting edge.  Well, not so much anymore!  The funniest thing about watching the shows now is seeing the outdated technology.  No cell phones...huge computers with computer paper!  Much of the storyline even centers around things like not being able to find a phone and not being able to get intel for weeks (things we could find out in seconds now!). 

Second, I was showing the famous chocolate factory clip from I Love Lucy to a group of medical students the other day to illustrate a concept related to thinking quickly, and no one in the room had ever seen it or even seemed to know what I Love Lucy is!  I have become retro (not old)!

It made me stop and think of other things that are quickly becoming "retro"--

1. Bar of Soap
A year or so ago, Joshua asked me what a bar of soap is.  I quickly remedied that problem, and introduced a bar of soap to our household, in addition to the more common liquid soap found in stores today.

2. Wrist Watch
I used to wear a wrist watch all the time, until about 7 years ago.  Now I just use my phone to see what time it is.  A friend said she gave her son a wrist watch for graduation this year, and he was thrilled.  He had never owned one before.  A novelty?!

3. VCR tapes and recorders
I remember in 7th grade, we were the first family in my class to get a VCR.  It was so new, so novel.  We went through several machines before DVRs came out.  My secretary just mentioned that she continues to use a VCR for her regular taping.  I didn't know they made those anymore!

4. Pay phones
I was in a medical office building yesterday for an appointment, and saw a sign that said "pay phone."  When I followed the sign, I couldn't find the phone.  They are more and more scarce these days!

5. Typewriters
After typing my first paper for me when I was a Freshman in high school, my father (a writer) told me I needed to learn to type! Now everyone is texting and "typing" in whatever form that is.  Joshua is in the first grade and is already taking "keyboarding" for computer class!

6. Cash
I have to say, not only do I not use coins that much, but I rarely use cash.  Maybe some day we will see these in a museum with a display about how cash used to be used to exchange goods and pay for services.

7. Cameras
They are, of course, still in use.  In particular, photographers use separate cameras to get great photos and videos.  But, I do notice, for my day to day needs, I use my phone instead of a separate camera. Cameras may become less of a household item.

8. Books?
I certainly love a good book.  I like the weight and feels of the book in my hand.  But, I have to say, I like ebooks too.  I like being able to change the font and size of the words, the color of the page.  I like being able to highlight right in the book and then erase with no difficulty.  I like changing the lighting on the screen to make it more comfortable with less glare.

I wonder if people who loved the weight and feel and scent of scrolls also complained about the book binding revolution!

What do you consider retro!