Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vacation or Staycation?

Sometimes decisions about vacation or staycation get made on the basis of money alone.  Maybe the decision should also take into account the temperament and needs of family members as well.  Some of us get "filled up" by traveling to beaches, historical places, or rugged terrain.  Others get filled up by reading a good book, going miniature golfing, or camping in the backyard.  Think about what will be the most filling for you and your family, and plan around that.  Remember too that each year may be different!  Ask yourself the question--"What does my family need this year?  What will our rest time look like?"

If you are planning a staycation, consider some structure, so the time doesn't waste away.  

1. Day One:  Relaxation
Maybe the first day is one of rest and relaxation.  What does it feel like to be pampered?  Maybe make a spa day for the ladies/girls with pedicures, naps, and reading a book on the deck? Maybe the boys choose golfing, playing softball, or playing video games.

2. Creation
If you are a creative family, you might want to create on a day or two.  This could include things like building a treehouse, trying new recipes/grilling ideas, artwork, redecorating the kids bedroom, or sewing.  

These are things I "created" lately that turned out well:
Raw Key Lime Tartlets found at

and Homemade Lip Balm at

3. Friend Day: You might plan a day when you invite families over for a cookout or do something with some of your close friends/neighbors.  Decorate the deck, buy sparklers, and watch the sun set!

4. Field Day: You might consider having a sports/field day.  Maybe put a tent in the backyard at night.  

5. Visit local fun spots and try something new: Check out local venues like bowling, miniature golf, rolling skating, ice skating, or paintball. 

6. Movie day:  Maybe plan a movie marathon in your house where every person gets to pick a favorite movie.  Add popcorn, movie theater candy.  
7. You might consider including a day to help the community.  Volunteer as a family to help with a local project.