Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sensory Activities for Older Children

The Occupational Therapist for my 8 year old son has suggested that we get back into some sensory activities to help him with his autistic spectrum symptoms. 

There are many ideas for sensory play for toddlers out there, but not as much for older children.  I decided I wanted to try to integrate sensory activities into some functional tasks... like cooking and bathing for example.  

This morning I made muffins with peanut butter, banana and eggs as part of the ingredients.  I asked him to help me cook.  My idea was to have him get his hands into the batter to mash up the bananas, but he wasn't going for that today!  We will try another time.  I did show him, however, how to separate eggs with his hands just like Bobby Flay!  He let me crack an egg right into his open hand, let the egg whites spill out into the bowl underneath, and put the egg yolk into the batter.  

In his bath, he is experimenting with different textures and senses as well.  He loves the shaving cream play in the bath but is not as keen on the more greasy coconut butter lotions.  Next up...we are going to try an apricot scrub with a light scent and a somewhat textured feel.  

Experiment with your older children, and see how you can integrate sensory experiences into everyday functional tasks!