Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monkey Birthday Party for Kids

 My son wanted a monkey themed party this year.  The cupcakes are chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache frosting.  Then I made a basic sugar cookie, cutting the batter out around a tablespoon before baking.

After baking, they looked like this:

I assembled the monkey cupcake by putting the cookie on the face like the monkey snout.  I put a dab of white frosting with mini chocolate chips on top for the eyes and drew on the nostrils and mouth with chocolate frosting.  The two ears are mini cookies I found at the grocery store.  I ended up putting a small banana candy on top of frosting for the mouth.

For the gifts bags, I used brown bags and printed off a monkey picture, putting each child's name in the placeholder.  

I added a dab of color with markers and hung some monkeys on the side of each bag.

The inside goodies included monkey tattoos, mini banana candies, a monkey keeper lego, monkey bracelets, and small monkey toys.  

It was a barrel of fun for the kiddos!  Hope your party is fun too.