Saturday, December 14, 2013

Great Fun with Jigsaw App

I really enjoy jigsaw puzzles, but there are some drawbacks to getting one pouring out the pieces on your floor or table.  The pieces get lost, you lose interest in the picture, you get stuck and give up, or it takes so long to complete you have to put it all back in the box undone. 

I recently discovered the Jigsaw Collection HD app from iTunes.  I paid for the 2.99 premium version, but there is a free version as well with some puzzles included.  

The premium version lets you upload any photo you want and turn in into a puzzle, for endless personal puzzles of your choice. You can also buy packs of themed puzzles from iTunes.  

Some nice features are that you can save puzzles you are working on, and have several puzzles in process at one time.  You can choose the type of pieces you want...such as traditional puzzle pieces, waved squares, or flat squares.  You can choose how many pieces are in your puzzle from as low as 12 to as high as 288.  You choose the color of your background puzzle table.  You also have the choice to have the pieces right side up at all times, or rotated in random ways to make it harder.  You can have the app separate all the edge pieces for you and bring them onto the table first.  In other words, there are many ways to make the puzzle personal and adapted to your difficulty preferences!