Sunday, December 8, 2013

5 Reasons I Started Shopping at Zulily

I have often seen ads for but never checked it out until recently.  I was very pleasantly surprised and excited by the site.  It is a site where you can find the latest deals on things for women, kids, and the home from a variety of different vendors.  It is the type of site you check frequently, because the deals are only while supplies last, and the deals are for a limited time...usually about 3 days.  The items are discounted from regular price and the shipping costs are low.  You cannot return items, however, and you have to wait about 2 weeks to receive your purchases.  They have you "sign-up" so you have a log in and password, that this "membership" is free. 

 However, given those stipulations, I love so many things about it, I had to make a list...

1. Variety of Vendors and Items
We live in a fairly small city, and there are limitations to the variety of stores located nearby.  I tend to feel like I see the same things at all the stores.  But on Zulily, there are so many different vendors and the items are very UNIQUE.  In addition to having clothes, they also have toys, books, LEGOs, furniture, wall hangings, rugs, kitchen gadgets, boots, etc.  

2. Variety of Sizes
You can get unique clothing, shoes, lingerie, etc. for a wide range of sizes.  They have several plus sized vendors that have very nice clothing, of good quality, and a variety of styles (work, evening, lounge-wear, etc). 

3. Good Quality
The items I have received from them are of good quality and material, much better than if I bought them at a local discount store. 

4. Unique Categories: organic, gluten free/casein free, special needs
My son is in the autistic spectrum and he eats a gluten free/casein free diet to help manage his symptoms.  In the last month that I have been monitoring the site, they have had an Enjoy Life event for gluten free, allergy friendly food; many clothing events that have used organic cotton; and even a "special needs" event where they sold compression shirts, vibrating cushions, and chewy toys for kids.  

5. Latest Fashion and Toys
I was somewhat concerned that if these were "deals" they would be outdated clothing styles.  The merchandise they offer is always up to date for fashion and relevancy.  For example, they currently have many events carrying leggings, tunics, infinity scarves, and high boots for women.