Friday, August 2, 2013

Master Builder: Psalm 118

Excerpt from Soul Cries devotional, copyright 2012 Regan
*2013 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist*

Psalm 118:21-25 (The Message)

Thank you for responding to me; you've truly become my salvation! The stone the masons discarded as flawed is now the capstone! This is God's work. We rub our eyes—we can hardly believe it! This is the very day God acted— let's celebrate and be festive! Salvation now, God. Salvation now! Oh yes, God—a free and full life!

I praise you, God! What a wonderful God we have. His thoughts and plans are so different from our own. There was once a stone that others determined to be worthless. It was a stone rejected as flawed and cast aside by human builders. But God determined it to be the most important stone of all; it became the capstone, the foundational stone, of everything else. What victory, what surprise, what happiness! God takes what others see as worthless and builds a mighty tower. He sees destiny, purpose, and value in what others have cast aside; He is a master creator and builder!

1. God sees worth in things that humans reject and cast aside. Is there anything in your life or the life of your child that has been determined worthless? How does God call value out of that area or situation?

2. What testimonies have you seen and heard from people who were considered useless, having no discernible gifts or contributions, only to rise up and change their communities and world?