Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Fun Way to Learn History: History Detectives PBS

I have always loved to learn about history through "the story" of a person or community.  I think this is why I like historical fiction.  I read about the story of a character or family, but set in a period of history that is intriguing and perhaps new to me. 

I recently found History Detectives on PBS.  It is not a new show, but a new discovery for me.  Each hour long show includes 3 historical mysteries that are investigated.  Rather than a story of a person, the investigation centers around a piece of memorabilia, document, artwork etc that may have some connection to an important part of American history.  Some of the episodes include pieces from the old west, the suffragette movement, the Titanic, and the earliest airplanes.  It is somewhat reminiscent of Antiques Roadshow in that people bring in things that have passed down their family or things they purchased at estate sales, but in this case you actually learn the story behind the antique or piece of memorabilia presented and its place in history.  All past episodes of History Detectives are available at this link.