Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This Silent Night is a Holy Night

This Silent Night is a Holy Night:
I love meditating on these first 4 words of the wonderful Christmas carol. Silent night, Holy night. Sometimes, the wonderful, earth changing, forever breakthroughs come during a silent night. Think of the silence. So many people went about their daily lives, eating, working, sleeping, without knowing that eternity had broken through to earth and changed everything forever. The Messiah had come. Defeat was at death's door. Hundreds of years of praying for a Savior had brought a baby King. The silent night was a Holy night.

I pray into any silence that surrounds you. May your silent night be filled with Holy breakthrough, angels singing, a new Kingdom come to earth. The silence is filled with Holy plan and purpose, with promise and breakthrough. Nothing will ever be the same for you again...

Luke 2: 6-7 (The Voice)

While in Bethlehem, she went into labor and gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped the baby in a blanket and laid Him in a feeding trough because the inn had no room for them.


Hear the angels singing.....