Friday, July 11, 2014

Economic Office Decoration

I guess now that I have been at the same job for 15 years, I should make myself comfortable!  I decided to make my workspace a spot that I could feel more peaceful in, something warm and centering for me while I work. 

The tree decal I ordered from cost about $15 and arrived at my doorstep in two days.  I was thinking it would be a project to figure out how to use one (this was my first) and how to get it up on my walls.  It was super easy and took about 15 minutes.  They are also reuseable and can be re-arranged with some care as needed.

The nice thing about the decal set is that it was composed of separate pieces, so you can arrange the tree however you want.  The picture on the package looks like this:

I decided to wrap it around the room and was able to create the illusion (see above office picture) of the tree growing behind the wall separator.  I also made the branches cluster around the picture frame above.  The frame was a gift from my sister in law a few Christmas' ago.  It has "clothes pins" in each of the 9 frames so you can switch out picture.  I had family pictures up for a long time which was fun.  This time, I gathered pictures of certain colors and made collages of each color on my Pic Stitch app...

Then I saved the collage of each color (e.g., one for green, one for blue, etc) and I used my touchnote app to send myself a postcard of each collage. 
The postcards come on sturdy stock paper with a nice shine.  They do not curl or fold, and they hold up better than actual photo prints.