Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why Beauty Glorifies God

This season, as I have been praying, I have found myself entranced by beauty.  The beauty of color, music, design, fabric, architecture, nature, smiles, photography, dance...  I have realized that in the past, I have believed that attention to beauty is at best "extra and unnecessary" and at worst "vain and self-consuming."  I'm sure attention to beauty can be all those things, but only in its perverted form. 

Real beauty honors and glorifies God, who is Himself beautiful on the throne, full of abundant goodness, and overflowing with kindness, gifts, and joy.  

Psalm 27:4 (The Message)
I'm asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with Him in His house my whole life long.  I'll contemplate His beauty; I'll study at His feet. 

He is the God who is beautiful.  He is the Creator who spoke into being all things and declared them good. He is the God who gives us beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, and praise for heaviness (Isaiah 61).  

Can beauty be perverted?  Of course.  But when true beauty exists in our homes and communities, we glorify the God of beauty.  We cast aside the thoughts we harbor about our lack...and we praise our wonderful Father who withholds no good thing from us.